Trap Shooting

Annual Memorial and Silver Shoot

August 26th. We will be shooting 50 singles, 50 handicap and 50 pair of doubles. Shooting starts at 9:30 with a free meal following the completion of the days events.


June 23rd. Get your targets in before the State Shoot!  Targets are $21.00 per hundred for singles, handicap and doubles, plus ATA & MTA daily fees.


June 24th.  100 16-yard targets $28.00; 100 Handicap targets $28.00; 50-pair doubles $28.00.  SCHEELS gift cards awarded to: Singles, high gun & runner up in each class A, B, C                           Handicap, high gun & runner up in each of three yardage groups                                                 Doubles, high gun & runner up in each class A, B, C



League will be a total of 14 weeks of 16’s, divided into two 7-week sessions. The first session begins April 24th & ending June 7th. The next session starts the following week on June 12th & ending August 2nd.
The season will end with a team tournament and picnic on August 7th.
More information on the tournament will be posted in the club house.

You will have 7 weeks to shoot 350 targets for each session.
Teams will be assigned traps on a first come first served basis.
Make-ups & shoot-aheads may be done any Tuesday or Thursday.

Get your team sign up form here.

For more information call Scott Fuhrman at 507-236-1734